Cape Blanco Lighthouse

This is one of the most ✨magical✨ beaches on the Oregon coast. Our stay at Cape Blanco State park was absolutely perfect. Lot’s a “Sand Spirits” blowing around, unique tide pools in the sand, lighthouses (Two lighthouses!), and amazing wildlife🦑🦀🐠. You don’t want to miss this episode.

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Ryobi P731 Portable Air Compressor
Instant Pot 6qt
Chubby Girls Cheesecake

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Patricks Point & Giant Redwoods

Camping in our RV among the redwoods on the California Coast is a magical and otherworldly experience! But it’s not just the worlds largest trees and astounding coastal views, you won’t believe the banana slugs, agates, hermit crabs, and plant life we discovered too. In episode 38 we joined some good friends for this camping adventure and were so sad to see them leave we had to treat ourselves to something special. Watch till the end to find out what.

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Decluttering RV

Living in less than 300 square feet of space still requires decluttering and minimizing. You won’t believe some of the stuff we took with us for three months while RVing through the Southwest. In this episode we dry camp near Sacramento, California and declutter before heading up the Pacific Northwest coast!

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Ryobi Cordless Air Compressor
Camco Plastic Water Pressure Regulator
Tote Lids
Mason Jar Lids

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Public Lands

I can never fully express the impact our nations National Parks, Forests, and Public Lands has had on me. My hope is that you are as inspired and in awe of these incredible places as much as I am with this video. Enjoy!

America’s parks, forests, and woodlands,
They change you.
Humble you with their magnificence.
Delight you with their artistry.
Challenge you with their wildness.
Inspire you with their strength.
Teach you with their history.
Like Roosevelt, Whitman, and Thoreau
They enchant you and make you their own.
They are our public lands
And they change you.

Featuring video from:
Zion National Park, UT
Hoh Rain Forest, WA
The Grand Canyon, UT
Cape Blanco State Park, OR
Niagara Falls, BC
Yellowstone National Park, WY
Bandelier National Monument, NM
Gettysburg National Military Park, MA
Patricks Point State Park, CA
Silver Falls State Park, OR
White Sands National Monument, NM
Heceda Head Lighthouse, OR
Acadia National Park, ME

Installing Battle Born Lithium Batteries

After three months of full time RV living we decided to upgrade our batteries to Battle Born Lithium Ion (LiFePO4 ). With only a few hiccups, I managed to install the batteries with help from friends and family and we couldn’t be happier with the upgrade.

***Gear In This Video*** The Less Junk More Journey Lithium Package Kit
USB Socket Charger
USB Charger Panel
12v DC Switch
Etekcity Multimeter

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We watched over 30 vehicles get towed at Zion. They’re serious about parking! But, parking aside Zion is one of our favorite hiking places, the views are incredible, the waterfalls are tall, and the canyons are more accessible than the Grand Canyon. Oh, and don’t forget the crazy long tunnel on the way into the canyon!

Check out our latest VLOG as we explore Zion Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and are pleasantly surprised by the unique geological formations at Cathedral Gorge.

Boondocking at the Grand Canyon

We took our RV to the Grand Canyon and camped for free! This was our first time visiting and the views are overwhelming. We spend a few days exploring the Bright Angel Trail (we didn’t hike all the way down), checking out the great views, enjoying the ice cream, and a surprise stop at the end yielded the best views yet.

Join us for VLOG number 34 at the Grand Canyon as we Go Create Every Day!

Free RV Camping at Petrified Forest

The Painted Desert, Petrified Forest, and magnificent mineral deposits make this part of Arizona a rare treat. We found free RV dry camping on the south side of the park at the Crystal Forest Museum that gave us easy access to the park and didn’t cost a penny.

Walking among ancient trees from the dinosaur times is a unique experience. To imagine the ancient swamps, rivers, and colossal dinosaurs shared space with these trees is so fun. Now days it’s all desert, dry and hot desert, but the sweeping vistas and flowing colors is well worth the drive.

Chaco Canyon

We knew it would be a long drive but we couldn’t pass up the chance to see the ancient ruins of the Native American Chaco people in New Mexico. And boy was it worth the drive! These massive “houses” date back to around 800AD, that’s when the Aztecs were building their pyramids, the Easter Island carvings were being made, and some of the great European citadels were being built.

This is also one of the few sites like this where you’re allowed to wander around freely throughout the structures giving you a chance to explore the vast interconnecting rooms at your own pace. Before you head out to the ruins be sure to stop at the excellent visitor center and learn about the people and their culture and the significance of some of the ruins as there aren’t any interpretive signs at the site itself.

There is a National Park campground just down the road from the ruins, but we didn’t even try to camp with our twenty nine foot travel trailer as it is a first-come-first-serve campground. We instead just made a day trip out of it.

Albuquerque Biopark & Rattlesnake Museum

If you’re visiting the Albuquerque Biopark, with it’s Zoo, Aquarium, and Botanical Gardens, don’t make the same mistake we did and give yourself at least two days to explore it all, you won’t regret it. We had a grand time exploring everything and the price for the entire Biopark is super reasonable. Oh and did I mention, Rattlesnakes!!! Lots of them at the Albuquerque Rattlesnake Museum. But, don’t worry, we all make it alive on this one.