Patricks Point & Giant Redwoods

Camping in our RV among the redwoods on the California Coast is a magical and otherworldly experience! But it’s not just the worlds largest trees and astounding coastal views, you won’t believe the banana slugs, agates, hermit crabs, and plant life we discovered too. In episode 38 we joined some good friends for this camping adventure and were so sad to see them leave we had to treat ourselves to something special. Watch till the end to find out what.

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Pamela’s Pancake Mix
State Sticker Map
Kids Camelbak Mini M.U.L.E
Adult Camelbak M.U.L.E.

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Decluttering RV

Living in less than 300 square feet of space still requires decluttering and minimizing. You won’t believe some of the stuff we took with us for three months while RVing through the Southwest. In this episode we dry camp near Sacramento, California and declutter before heading up the Pacific Northwest coast!

***Gear In This Video***
Ryobi Cordless Air Compressor
Camco Plastic Water Pressure Regulator
Tote Lids
Mason Jar Lids

*You can support us for free by purchasing using one of these links where we get a commission on each order at Amazon.

Boondocking at the Grand Canyon

We took our RV to the Grand Canyon and camped for free! This was our first time visiting and the views are overwhelming. We spend a few days exploring the Bright Angel Trail (we didn’t hike all the way down), checking out the great views, enjoying the ice cream, and a surprise stop at the end yielded the best views yet.

Join us for VLOG number 34 at the Grand Canyon as we Go Create Every Day!

Stuck In The Sand

We try out our first Harvest Host free RV camping spot and get stuck in the sand! Our stay at From The Farm in Yuma, AZ, was delicious, gorgeous, and hot. The cabbage leaf tacos, fresh from the field, we’re delicious and the ice cream cones were a refreshingly cool treat.

We camped just outside of one of the working fields in a dusty patch and ended up getting our tires stuck in the sand. After a quiet and beautiful evening we dug out of the sand and headed off deeper into the heart of Arizona.

Joshua Tree RV Camping

RV camping in Joshua Tree National Park is an amazing experience! Amazing rock formations, incredible sunsets, rainbow clouds, and wind swept cliff tops. We stayed in the Cottonwood campground and just fit with our 29 foot travel trailer. We hiked Skull Rock, Keyes Views, Mastodon Peak, and the Cholla Cactus Garden. It’s all dry camping/boon-docking but so worth it.

Check out the stunning views in this episode and be sure to subscribe for future videos.

Water Leak in RV Underbelly on First Day

As we took off to officially head out of our hometown area we discovered water leaking out the the underside of our RV! The repair shops we’re all booked out for weeks, so we parked on some families property and started taking things apart.

After fixing the leak we head out of town and stop at IKEA of course for a few essentials. Then onward we go, only to have our reservations outside Pt. Reyes National Seashore cancelled due to flooding.

Well, if you can’t beat them you might as well join them so we decide to embrace the rain and go waterfall chasing in it!

Moving Into RV Permanently

It’s finally here! Moving weekend. In this episode we finish packing and moving the remainder of our belongings into our travel trailer and start our full time traveling journey.