Decluttering RV

Living in less than 300 square feet of space still requires decluttering and minimizing. You won’t believe some of the stuff we took with us for three months while RVing through the Southwest. In this episode we dry camp near Sacramento, California and declutter before heading up the Pacific Northwest coast!

***Gear In This Video***
Ryobi Cordless Air Compressor
Camco Plastic Water Pressure Regulator
Tote Lids
Mason Jar Lids

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RV Camping Folsom Lake – First Time Backing In Travel Trailer

Camping in our RV for only the second time and we had to back into our camping spot in the dark. I guess I should have asked for help!

Beals Point Campground just outside Sacramento California is a great little campground with an easy walk to Folsom Lake. The water was serene, the sunsets gorgeous, and the company pleasant.

Quitting Dream Job to RV With Family Full Time

After thirteen years of serving at Loaves & Fishes, a local homeless services agency, I quit my job to take my family on a traveling adventure.

Leaving has been a bittersweet experience. The people I’m leaving behind are amazing, passionate, and dedicated individuals. They are my heroes!

In this episode, I took my last day to interview just a few of my heroes and show you a little bit of what they do each day.

Learn more about Sacramento Loaves & Fishes at