Salton Sea RV Camping

RV camping at the Salton Sea is a unique experience, everything from the razor sharp barnacle sand, the briny and stinky sea, the eclectic fellow campers, to the amazing diversity of birds and the incredible sunsets.

We had to drop over 5,000 feet in elevation from Joshua Tree to get into the Coachella Valley to camp at the Salton Sea, Mecca Campground, elevation -236 feet. The heat got turned up in the valley so we were hoping to swim in the Salton Sea, but once we got here realized how bad of an idea that would be; it’s briny, stinky, and the beach is made of razor sharp barnacle shells! But, despite the flies, toe slicing sand, and heat the Sea has some amazing bird watching and incredible sunsets.

We also stopped at Shields Date garden in the town of Indio just outside of Palm Springs and found a wonderful biblical garden, great food, and thick date milkshakes.